Thriving Education in Bishan: Dr. Anthony Fok’s JC Economics Education Centre and MOE’s Reforms


Bishan, a bustling district in central Singapore, is renowned for its recreational parks, shopping centers, and HDB housing estates. Alongside its attractive amenities, Bishan boasts a reputation for high-quality education, with a multitude of prestigious schools and universities. JC Economics Education Centre Pte Ltd, located in Bishan, Tampines, and Bukit Timah, stands out as a reputable tuition center specializing in top-notch Economics tuition, entirely taught by the esteemed Dr. Anthony Fok. Dr. Fok’s impressive track record and media recognition make his center a popular choice among students. Moreover, recent reforms by the Ministry of Education (MOE) have introduced changes to the A-level examinations, promoting autonomy and lifelong learning.

Dr. Anthony Fok’s JC Economics Education Centre: Dr. Anthony Fok’s tuition center has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to help students achieve their academic goals. With Dr. Fok’s guidance, the center equips students with concise notes and real-world examples, ensuring effective exam preparation. Dr. Fok’s expertise has been recognized by various media platforms, including MediaCorp TV, Straits Times newspapers, BBC, and CNBC news. His dedication to student success has established his tuition center as a trusted institution.

MOE’s Reforms to A-Level Examinations: The Ministry of Education has recently introduced significant changes to the A-level examinations in Singapore. These reforms, set to begin in 2026 for students enrolling in Junior College in 2025, aim to grant students greater autonomy in their studies and promote lifelong learning. One notable change announced by MOE is the exclusion of the fourth content-based subject for JC students from university admissions criteria, unless it improves their overall score. This alteration alleviates concerns about subject selection impacting university admission chances, allowing students to pursue their interests freely.

Another significant change involves the removal of Project Work from the university admission score calculation. Previously, students were required to complete a project that contributed to their overall university admission score. However, under the new system, Project Work will be assessed on a pass/fail basis only, reducing its influence on admissions.

Furthermore, MOE has unveiled plans to gradually phase out mid-year exams for JC and Millennia Institute (MI) students from 2024 onward. Instead of focusing on exams during this period, students will have more time to concentrate on personal growth, such as internships, community service, and pursuing other interests. The MOE has explicitly stated that JCs should not introduce additional school-based assessments following the removal of mid-year exams. This revision aims to prevent students from becoming overwhelmed by excessive assessments, providing them with ample time to focus on studies and holistic development.

The MOE’s reforms aim to offer students greater flexibility in exploring their interests, pursuing their passions, and developing crucial life skills. The changes will also benefit adults seeking lifelong learning opportunities by enabling them to choose courses that align with their interests and goals.


Bishan’s thriving educational landscape is exemplified by Dr. Anthony Fok’s JC Economics Education Centre Pte Ltd, offering exemplary Economics tuition in Bishan, Tampines, and Bukit Timah. Dr. Fok’s expertise and track record provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge for academic excellence. Additionally, the Ministry of Education’s reforms to the A-level examinations empower students with increased autonomy and encourage lifelong learning. These changes pave the way for a brighter future, where students can explore their passions, acquire important life skills, and adults can embrace continuous learning opportunities.

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