Our Methodology

At JC Economics Tuition Centre, we firmly believe that Dr. Fok’s methodologies empower each and every student to excel in economics and achieve their academic aspirations.

Dr. Anthony Fok, widely recognized as one of Singapore’s leading economics tutors, has devised a range of effective teaching methodologies aimed at equipping students with the skills needed to excel in economics. The following are four key methodologies implemented at JC Economics Tuition Centre:

Engaging and Practical Teaching Approach

Dr. Fok employs an interactive and practical teaching approach to instill an interest in economics. By incorporating real-life examples and case studies, he encourages students to think critically and apply economic principles to solve real-world problems.

Seamless Delivery of Subject Content

Drawing upon his extensive teaching experience, Dr. Fok has developed a teaching style that effortlessly delivers subject content. He breaks down complex concepts into manageable segments, facilitating students’ understanding and retention. Dr. Fok ensures that his delivery of subject content is clear and concise, enabling students to grasp the material easily.

Individual Attention and Feedback

Recognizing the unique needs of each student, Dr. Fok places a strong emphasis on providing individual attention and feedback. He offers personalized support during lessons, addressing specific areas of difficulty. Additionally, Dr. Fok provides comprehensive feedback on students’ work, highlighting their strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

Application-Based Learning

Dr. Fok emphasizes the practical application of economics beyond theoretical boundaries. He encourages students to explore real-world scenarios, fostering engagement and enhancing critical thinking and analytical skills. By bridging the gap between economic theory and practical situations, students develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

More than just learning

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