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“Dr Fok's lessons help to improve understanding on economics concepts and examples through interesting analogies and stories which he will tell in class. His lessons also focus on exam skills such as question analysis, and lessons are conducted such that it is easy to grasp and understand how to approach questions and give "A grade Answers". Dr Fok is also a caring and approachable teacher, who not only provides a lot of additional resources to supplement our economics revision, but also would go the extra mile for students.”
Miguel Chern
Eunoia Junior College
“Dr fok is truly one of the most dedicated and passionate teachers out there who goes the extra mile to make sure his students understand each and every economics concept in a fun and engaging way!! his lessons are never boring and he is always more than willing to clarify any doubts you may have, be it during or after class. with his help, economics is no longer challenging and he will do everything to make sure you do well, not just academically but also in life!!”
Chen Yi Fei
Raffles Institution
“Dr Fok is an excellent tutor, who has helped me achieve amazing H2 Economics grades through his extremely engaging lessons and memorable catchphrases. His lessons are well planned and focuses on content as well as the skills to tackle the different questions which are super helpful. He brings the joy of learning the subject and constantly shares real world examples that help us link what we are studying to real life. On top of that he is a mentor and friend to us, sharing valuable life lessons and constantly encourages us to push ourselves to achieve more than we have. He is definitely someone that has been a significant part of my JC life and I'm sure he will continue to inspire more students in the years to come”
Nicole Wong
Dunman High School
“Mr Fok is a really dedicated Econs tutor that has helped me improve in my understanding in economics and is always willing to help. His constant encouragement during lessons really helped motivate me to push on despite difficulties faced and I have really enjoyed attending his lessons!”
Bernice Ng
Hwa Chong Institution
“Even though I joined Mr Fok's class pretty late in the academic year, I benefited greatly from him and made significant improvements. It is only due to Mr Fok's support, patience and guidance throughout the past few months that I am better able to grasp the various economic concepts. Leading up to the days of our A Levels, I am all the more thankful for his constant encouragement and even helping me to grade my essays. It is evident to all that Mr Fok is indeed highly knowledgeable in the field of economics and definitely a qualified mentor and tutor.”
Raffles Institution
“Dr Fok helped ignite my passion for learning economics. Before joining his tuition, I was unmotivated to study the subject as I thought it was so complicated and I was unsure of the right method of studying. However after just a month of lessons with him, I was better able to grasp and even apply the economics concepts taught. The materials and resources he provides are also very useful and relevant. Thank you Dr Fok :>”
Aslesha Williams
St. Andrew's Junior College
“Dr Fok is the most patient and understanding tutor who makes lessons so engaging! I started from knowing literally nothing about Economics but within the span of a few months under his constant guidance and encouragement, I learnt so much and had a clearer understanding of the key concepts in Economics. 10/10 would recommend 😁”
Sabrina Ho
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Dr Fok is a very caring and patient tutor. In addition to these traits, he is also very engaging during lesson which I believe is one of the most crucial traits a tutor should have in order for a student's attention to be captured and maintained; enabling them (like myself) to absorb the content better. Moreover he is also very encouraging during class and after lessons when I approach him to ask questions; explaining the contents thoroughly and pushing me, and the class in general, to persevere even if we face difficulty in understanding which has enabled me to remain resilient and increasingly motivated to overcome said obstacles in order to better my understanding and knowledge. Aside from this, he also provides a very comprehensive and diverse set of notes that enables us students to get a better grasp of the economic concept! As someone who has also attended his crash course on top of regular tuition (After J1 Promos period), it was certainly useful in building and strengthening the basis and foundation of my H2 economic knowledge of microeconomics which I had initially found issue with.”
Emelyn Teow
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
"I genuinely believe that Dr Fok has been the best teacher I have ever had. His depth of knowledge, eagerness to teach, humility, jokes, stories and the list goes on… all these qualities make him not only a wonderful educator but someone who us students can look up to as a mentor too!”
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Dr Fok’s teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. His lessons are informative, useful and extremely engaging. He has helped me understand, retain and utilise content in the economics syllabus. He is one of the best teachers that I have ever encountered!”
Li Hao Zhen
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Dr Fok has helped me with Economics immensely and my grades have improved a lot! His lessons are never dull and he always lightens the mood with captivating stories that help to relieve our stress. He is also a genuine teacher and is willing to help us outside of class. Thank you Dr Fok!”
Kang Xiang
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok is the best economic tutor who is very experienced, professional, kind and patient. With his help, I believe anyone can excel in their a level curriculum. If you want an A for your economics and learn some precious life lessons, just come to Mr Fok’s tuition centre and you won’t regret it.”
Du Yu
Raffles Institution
“Mr fok is an incredible and inspirational economics tutor. He uses a variety of real world examples to make every lesson enjoyable and easier to understand, teaching me to apply economic concepts to different questions. He has definitely made h2 econs much more manageable, allowing me to appreciate the subject!”
Michael Ang
St. Andrew's Junior College
“JC Economics tuition centre helped me improve my Economics significantly over the past year. Mr Fok is a very supportive tutor who is constantly providing us with resources and advice not only regarding Economics but other aspects of JC as well. He always responds promptly to my questions and provides me with all the resources I need to work on my weaknesses. He is always willing to provide any kind of help I require in improving my understanding of H2 Economics and played a vital role in making me much more interested in learning the subject. Overall, his teachings and resources made my journey in learning Economics much more easier and insightful.”
Anushka Ashirgade
Raffles Institution
came to Dr Fok's tuition in my second year of JC after struggling with economics in my first year of junior college. My first lesson was a very memorable one as Dr Fok had a very unconventional teaching style, unlike most economics teachers in school. He is very passionate in his teaching and is able to make us, students, understand complex concepts effectively. His lessons are foolproof and you are guaranteed to walk away understanding economics better. Although his tuition is quite pricey, I think Dr Fok delivers on quality and an experience like none other!
Raffles Institution

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